Here’s a little update on what has been happening in my life since the last time I posted something.

My sincere apologies for taking FOREVER to write anything, it has been a very busy few months.

Thanksgiving Break

Wow, Thanksgiving was a very long time ago it seems like but I have not stopped since then! I had almost a week off for this lovely carb-filled holiday. It was very enjoyable! My fiancé and I (Did she say fiancé ?) brought home our friend Nacho, who is from Spain, and shared a first Thanksgiving with him! It was very fun and I ate a whole bunch of crap.


As soon as I got back from break, finals started and it sucked.

Christmas Break 

But shortly after the dreaded finals were over, my fiancé and I (She just said fiancé again…) got to drive home and we had a lovely Christmas break. It was a little over a month and it was wonderful. Christmas is my favorite holiday, not just because of the presents, lights and cookies, but I also love that fact that we can celebrate the birth of our savior.

I bet when Marry had Jesus it didn’t even hurt! Because Jesus is THAT awesome.

Two days after Christmas my fiancé’s sister (What the heck! DID SHE…) had her wedding. It was very fun and I am very happy for her and her hubby!

Oh yeah, and I got engaged!

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