So What?

As humans, we get life twisted sometimes.

What do I mean by this?

A lot of the time, we convince ourselves that we can’t change the way we’re living. We convince ourselves that if we leave our current situation, the consequences are going to completely consume us and we will probably die and the worst possible thing will happen and then life is over. Although I can’t guarantee these things won’t happen, I’d like to call BS on that way of thinking.

There are so many people that I know who believe that God is calling them to be completely stagnant. That God doesn’t believe in risks…That God doesn’t believe in movement…And that God only wants you to be comfortable.

This is false information that we are being fed.

I live in a world, created by a God who didn’t design me to be safe. If you haven’t noticed, God doesn’t call people to be comfortable. And I say this not to be rude, but in hopes that some people (ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA) will wake the FRICK up and realize that our God calls us to sacrifice.

This does not mean going once a year on Thanksgiving to serve at a homeless shelter; this means dying to yourself every single day. Every single day, getting out of your warm cozy bed and praying big, BOLD prayers to the creator of the heavens and the earth, asking him what the plan is for that day.  My God is not a God of the American Dream. My God is a God who gave me the Holy Spirit and told me I could move mountains with faith in him. What is stopping you? Life is not an excuse, kids are not an excuse, money is not an excuse.

The consequences never outweigh what God has in store for you. God calls your family to Africa and your excuse is that you have 6 kids….SO WHAT. The more the merrier! God told you to quit your job and pursue something else and your excuse is that you don’t think you can do it… You know who else thought they couldn’t do it? Moses. Do you remember what God did through Moses? Do you believe in the bible? Because if you believe in the bible then you will find some crazy stuff that God did through people who let him radically transform their lives!

Don’t get me wrong here. I understand responsibilities. I get that there’s a level of work that has to be done. I get that some people are called to certain professions and people need some sort of system. But if you live your life without purpose, thinking that what your supposed to do in life is get up every day and work to make money, then you are missing out on something so much bigger than a paycheck.

I say all this not to bash everybody else, but to remind myself of  what living a life dedicated to Jesus is all about. Sometimes I convince myself that I could get out of it all. That my husband could become a doctor and I could be a stay at home mom and my only responsibility would be getting my nails done and playing tennis. And we could save up money and have babies and do all the right things and one day move to Florida to die from natural causes when I’m 90 years old. Sometimes I convince myself that it’s all about me, that this world revolves around my perfect little life…but it doesn’t. And I’d get zero joy out of a life like that. It may feel good for a while, but I won’t be doing what I was created to do and I was created to BOLDLY share the word of God. I was created to AGGRESSIVELY AND INTENTIONALLY LOVE!  With no reservation and no fear for my own well-being.


A lot of the times when I write, I just let myself loose. Later, I go back and delete everything and re-write something a little less aggressive.

I didn’t this time.

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2 thoughts on “So What?

  1. Tina B

    I am glad you didn’t go back, change, or delete. I tend to do the same as my blog is empty.

    A few years ago I began a new journey that has brought me to tears, fear, near hopelessness many times. I thought I had been living the life I was supposed to be living. ‘Supposed’ being the operative word.

    Then one day… The Lord opened my eyes to His way of living, His plan (or at least the beginning of what this new journey looks like) Living with purpose… His purpose. I cannot say that I do not get scared at times because I do. The difference, now I fully trust God to see me through regardless of the difficulties along the way. There is absolutely nothing that compares, and I have only just begun.

    He is always good, and He is always actively present.
    Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. Todd Humbert

    Caden, so true! There are many radical calls to obedience in scripture that we domesticate. Thanks for reminding us that the meta-call to take our cross must motivate our daily lives whatever our calling. I see you and Nick living this out!! I’m so proud of you (am I allowed to say that?…normally parents say such things, but I am proud!)


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