Going to the Chapel…

It’s been another while since I have posted anything on my blog. Hopefully, after the wedding and honeymoon and moving into our first place, I will have enough time to regularly blog. Again, a lot has happened in the last couple of months. Most of what has happened has been wedding planning, which is very exciting and stressful. The day is almost here! This post would be three years long if I updated everyone on what has happened recently, so instead I’m just going to talk a little bit about my heart and Jesus, as usual.

I’m staring at the calendar thinking, “Where the heck did the time go.” I remember being twelve and thinking how cool it was going to be when I found the man I was going to marry. Unknowing that I was going to meet him in a few short years to come. I think around eleven or twelve was when I started praying for my husband. (I tell everyone this story because I think that it’s cool). At that age, I didn’t know anything hardly, but I did know that someone had suggested that I pray for my future husband. I wish that I knew who told me this lovely piece of advice because I would love to thank them for being such a great role model in my life. Sadly I cannot pinpoint the exact person but I listened to whoever it was. I prayed for my husband regularly. I prayed that God would give me a very humble man. Looking back on this now, I wonder if I even knew what humble meant and I wonder why it was something I was so stuck on. After a few years, I realized that humble was┬ásomething I wanted in my husband. Thank goodness I had prayed for this because it is such a great God-given quality. So where are we at, maybe fourteen or fifteen? This is around the time I met Nick. Although we were just friends for most of the years I’ve known him, I always knew there was something special about him. Our junior year of high school we started dating and the rest is history.

Today I woke up, I opened my eyes, and then closed them again. I shouted praises to the Lord in my head.

This was the first morning I woke up and it hit me, that everything that I have been planning, all my prayers and all the excitement of marriage was about to begin! I told the Lord that I was so filled with joy and so thankful for his plan and for soon-to-be husband. I thanked the Lord for how amazing he was at providing for us and for placing everything right in the way it should be placed. I thanked the Lord for listening to me all those years and giving me the most humble man I had ever met.

On July 31st of 2015 I married my best friend.

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