July 31_ Eckert Wedding-45I knew I was going to marry Nick on our first date. Well, kind of our first date.

We were friends well before we started dating. One night in attempt to hook our two best friends up, the butterflies appeared. Now, I can’t tell the story from Nick’s prospective but when we compare notes our stories usually match up. That night Nick sat next to me on his couch and not just next to as friends but NEXT TO ME. Like, “Hey. I see you.” That’s when I knew that it was going somewhere.

I knew that Nick was interested in me when I invited him to our friend Maddie’s house on New Year’s Eve and he dropped his plans with his cool friends to hang out with us. It was subtle because he was good friends with everyone that was going to be at Maddie’s but I knew that he was coming because I had asked him. We bonded over our love for Taylor Swift, who was preforming that year in New York and being on the same team during Catch Phrase. There was always this list in the back of my mind that he was on that read, “Potential Marriage Material.” Little did I know that he was the only one left on my list.

The next day he invited me to go get coffee with his brother and his girlfriend at the time. I was still at Maddie’s, frantically getting ready. I had never once tried so hard to look good in front of Nick Eckert. Maddie and I nearly fainted when he picked me up at the door. I was beyond excited. I remember texting my mom throughout the night telling her every little thing that went right, I was in love. When I look back on it I don’t remember all the details about what happened after that night. I remember our relationship starting and it being so good. He and I recalled times in our pasts where we picked up subtle hints that we had crushes on each other but it never turned into anything. Our first 3 months of being together were surrounded by conversation about how perfect we were for each other and how great God’s timing was.

The funny thing about before we started dating was how similar our situation was. Nick and I both had recently been in serious relationships before dating. After those ended we each had our share of small flings but we were done with the dating game. Nick always tells a story of him talking to his brother saying that he was just going to wait until he got to college and date some runner chick. And I always tell the story that I was fed up with boys and I was also going to wait till college because you can always find a boyfriend at bible college haha. Well, I’m no runner and we didn’t wait till college but it ended up working out.

I don’t think I had ever fallen for someone so quickly. If you know anything about me and the guys I’ve dated before, I’m pretty strategic. I never wanted to date for fun, I guess. I was always looking for a husband. I had a list in a journal of all the qualities I wanted in a husband and if I started to figure out you didn’t have one of those qualities we were done. It’s a little cut-throat but I think everyone should be picky about what they want in the person they’re going to spend the rest of their life with. I had previously dated great guys. I mean, every one of my serious relationships was with a guy that was exceptional, but I just knew that they weren’t the one I was going to marry. With Nick, it was a different story. I turned into mush when he spoke. He made me girly and happy and not mean. He told me no! This was not something I wasn’t used to, not even my dad would tell me no because I am a princess 🙂 But Nick did and I loved it. We were a perfect fit and he had a check mark on every quality on that list.

Nick and I dated for about a year before things got really serious. Things were always pretty serious for us but our second trip to Guatemala in the spring of 2014 changed the game. We had a great trip but Nick and I (separately) we’re feeling very convicted in our faith. We both had been recently taking our faith more seriously. We both had started understanding that life wasn’t about money or college or stupid stuff that seniors tend to freak out about. Conveniently, neither of us had picked a college yet. We both had ideas of where we wanted to go but we also both felt uneasy. At the end of the trip, Nick and I came up to each other and at the same time said something along the lines of “I think this is what I’m supposed to do with the rest of my life.” Stunned by the fact of that exiting both of our mouths alone and then it being the same things, we sat down and freaked out. I can remember it very vividly of us ping-ponging conversation of how we just don’t care about things of this world and that this was what it was all about (The Great Commission).July 31_ Eckert Wedding-142

The next few months were insane. After nervously telling our parents, praying, seeking advice, reading and researching we decided that God was leading us to Lee University. How convenient. I say this because there’s a running joke that everyone kind of just ends up here. But it was perfect. We entered into the Intercultural Studies program and we haven’t left since! After our first semester we got engaged and our third semester we came back married!

It’s been an amazing ride. These past few years have been some of the best, craziest years of my life. I know that God has put this exceptionally wonderful man in my life to lead our family and to be my partner in all our adventures. If you do not know Nicholas Brooks Eckert then you are missing out on an amazing friend. He is extremely intelligent, beautifully transparent, the
most humble man of God and so fun! I love him with all my heart.


Here is our wedding video by Alex Christianson  –

Pictures by Brooklyn Morgan –


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