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The Eye of the Tiger


Staying fierce in our pre-Dorm Wars get up featuring the one and only Haley Dorsey.

Freshman year at Lee University has been full of crazy events for all the students, getting us all excited for college and life and things. And by crazy events I mean at Octoberfest we had cider pong…(Beat that Indiana University, biggest party school my butt!) The craziest event yet happened October 13th, 2014 and it was awesome. Lee University held their annual Dorm Wars competition and it was insane. Dorm Wars is a battle between all the dorms and apartments on campus. The girls compete against the girls and guys against guys. The competition includes an intro performance, spirit competitions, an obstacle course, and a crowd favorite, the shopping cart races. I do want to take a minute and highlight that I did say shopping cart, not buggy. I will not submit to these weird southern words.


The dorms on campus have been practicing for a really long time because it’s such a huge deal. All the students get really into it and it’s a blast. I think the Res Life Staff gets more excited than anyone else but that’s just an observation. Each dorm also comes up with a theme for their dorm and everyone dresses up according to their theme. My dorm, which is Snora, (Simmons + Nora = Snora) had the best theme of all time and it was circus. We had mimes, ballerinas, lions, tigers, scary man-women, acrobats, and a whole bunch of dancers. I’m very bias and decided that we had the best intro and should’ve won the whole thing but sadly we didn’t.

To give a little background on the dorm I live in, I’ll start off by saying it is the smallest dorm on campus. It is small in all aspects. We don’t have very many people and I’m not quite sure if the rooms are legal living spaces. Even though we are small in size, we are mighty! We really did try and we didn’t completely loose, we got fourth. But hey, no one is going to take away my Snora pride. The whole thing was really awesome.

There are two moments from the night that I ingrained in my brain, so I wouldn’t forget the fun that I had. The first moment was the start of our ferocious war path. We circled the building and all the other dorms trying to intimidate our competitors. This reminded me of plenty of movies out there where the little guys that don’t stand a chance, in crazy get-ups, burst out of nowhere looking all jank and totally not uniformed at all, just run around with the biggest and loudest cheers because they are so excited. I would say that that whole sentence represents my life because my excited level is usually at that point about almost anything. We were those guys. The second moment was before the competition really started. The DJ was playing music and the whole gym was going crazy. Everyone was dancing and singing and having the best time with the people around them. I was standing in my section with all the girls in Snora and the song Roar by Katy Perry came on. Our dorm was especially fond of this song because it was the anthem to our circus theme. When this came on we went crazy! You know in the moments, when something like that bonds everyone around you together and you somehow all understand the rhythm and everyone dances the same way? No? Me either! BUT THAT HAPPENED! It was like we all were one! This moment was nuts and I remember my thoughts were “I’ve got to hold onto this.”

And I was right. These moments I’m having now are so important to appreciate. Time flies by so fast. And without realizing it, freshman year of college will be over and I’ll be in a new stage with new moments and I’ll look back and say, “Remember that time, at Dorm Wars, when I was a Tiger?” That day will come, but today I’m going to reminisce and hold onto today, and soak up all that I can.

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There has been a thought circling in my head for a few days now. It’s the idea of being ordinary. It came about last Thursday at lunch. Last week at Lee University it was missions week. Because I am going to this school to be a missionary, I was invited to eat lunch with some missionaries that were visiting the school. I sat down at a table across from a man named Brian. After discussing missionary business (whatever that means) the conversation shifted to scholarships. I’m not sure how we got to this point but we did. Brian had asked if I had any scholarships and I replied with, “I’m a 19-year-old, white, middle class, not smart enough, female. What do you think?” He responded with, “You should start a blog.”

Photo on 10-13-14 at 4.46 PM

You thought I was kidding.

And now we are here. I started a blog. After talking it over with Brian, he suggested I write about the extraordinary things an ordinary girl does. Here’s where I started thinking. There aren’t a lot of things that make me extraordinary…Not to put myself down or anything. I think i’m cool, I really enjoy who I am, and I have quite a bit of confidence but extraordinary? When I think of extraordinary I think of people who climb Mt. Everest and invent Doritos and Paul from the bible. So what makes me or my life anywhere close to those things? I’ve been wrestling with this for days now. All of these people who do extraordinary things all start off as ordinary, right? So I can too. We all can.

Here’s my point: I’m going to write about these ordinary things. About the life of a college student and dreams I have of traveling and what the girls in my dorm say and thoughts I have at 2 AM because I can’t sleep and plenty of other things normal people would write about. And I’m going to look at these things as extraordinary, because I’m going to live everyday trying to be as extraordinary as I can be. And you should too. We mess up and we get in slumps and life gets boring sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. It most certainly doesn’t have to be ordinary if you don’t want it to be. The guy that invented Doritos (Praise the Lord for him) probably woke up thinking he was pretty ordinary but he freaking made Doritos I mean come on. Let’s all freaking make something, or climb something, or change the world. Be extraordinary.


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